Score System

All wines tasted are given a numerical score, however we focus more time and attention on the actual tasting note, where we provide more information about the specific details of the wine. The numerical score given is only our general overall assessment of the wine.
The Breakdown

The numerical score is broken down into 5 general categories: color, aroma/taste, structure, finish and our overall impression. These 5 categories are each worth a certain amount of points which together total 100 points.

Apperance / Color = (Max 10 Points)
The color is judged by the quality of the wine's color. Older wines will have different qualities and characteristics than younger wines. Also, the judgement on color varies from varietal to varietal, Cabernet Sauvignon will have different color qualities than Pinot Noir.

Aroma / Taste = (Max 20 Points)
Aroma is judged by the complexities and special characteristics picked up by smelling and tasting the wine in the glass.

Structure = (Max 20 Points)
The Structure is judged by the wine's texture, balance, mouthfeel, etc.

Finish = (Max 20 Points)
The Finish is judged on how long the wine's aftertaste lasts and if the wine's characteristics carry over or develop after the wine is swallowed or spit out.

Overall Impression = (Max 30 Points)
Overall impression basically means exactly what it says. It is our overall impression of the wine. This is based on a number of factors including how well the wine is made, the potential to age, or a wine that stands out for the varietal, region or vintage.



(up to 10)

(up to 20)

(up to 20)

(up to 20)

Overall Impression:
(up to 30)