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Our coverage from Washington State continues, as our Senior Editor, Owen Bargreen has compiled one of the most comprehensive reports out of the region, covering over 700+ new releases this year. The wines reviewed in this report are all new releases, which span accross multiple vintages from 2015-2017 and include age-worthy wines from the most prestigious houses as well as incredible values that are ready to be enjoyed upon release. This report covers Washington's major appellations, including Columbia Valley, Walla Walla and Red Mountain AVA’s

Overall, the quality of wines ended up being quite impressive, in particular from the 2014 vintage, with the 2015 vintage being a slight step behind, as they both yielded excellent final results. Both 2014 and 2015 were hot vintages on record, but were they also quite different in the challenges they presented. In 2014 the growing conditions were nearly ideal, particularly for red wines as many producers achieved rich, intense and age-worthy bottlings. 2015 was a bit more challenging for many producers due to severe summer heat spikes with temperatures reaching the hottest on record. Nonetheless there were some winemakers who thrived in these conditions by carefully managing their vineyards.

Some of the most impressive showings were from Quilceda Creek and their sensational new lineup, including the stunning 2015 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon. Also standing out, were the new releases from superstar vigneron Christophe Baron of Cayuse Vineyards and his talented assistant vigneronne Elizabeth Bourcier, who have taken the world by storm with their 2015 Hors Categorie Syrah and the compelling terroir-driven wines under Cayuse Vineyards, No Girls, Horsepower and La Rata labels.

Other producers who excelled in Walla Walla Rocks District and Walla Walla AVAs include Reynvaan Family Vineyards, Rôtie Cellars, Saviah, Rasa Vineyards, Leonetti, Gramercy Cellars, Doubleback, Abeja, and the scintillating new Syrah from Delmas.

Coming out of the Columbia Valley, Red Mountain and Yakima Valley are the outstanding new wines from Force Majeure, Long Shadows, Kobayashi, Col Solare, Avennia, DeLille, Den Hoed, Efeste and Kerloo Cellars, all of whom produced some of the most compelling new releases from their respective AVAs.

While 2015 certainly proved to be challenging, winemakers like Chris Peterson of Avennia, Todd Alexander of Force Majeure and Matt Reynvaan of Reynvaan Family Vineyards have noted the great promise of the 2016 vintage for both red and white wines — particularly well-concentrated red wines. We have seen this to be true, as the few 2016 red wines we have seen have showed good mid-palate richness and acidity, while the white wines from 2016 possesses wonderful richness but may struggle with achieving poise and tension.

With each year we continue to find compelling evidence that some of the best wines in the world are made in Washington — we look forward to sharing our perspective with you and hope that you have the opportunuty to experience some of these truly fascinating wines! 

14 HANDS Chardonnay, Columbia Valley 2015
14 HANDS Red Wine 'Hot to Trot' 2015
14 HANDS Red Wine 'Hot to Trot' 2015
14 HANDS Red Wine 'Kentucky Derby' 2015
ABEJA Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley 2015
ABEJA Chardonnay 'Washington State' 2016
ABEJA Merlot, Columbia Valley 2015
ABEJA Red Wine 'Beekeeper’s Blend' 2016
ADEGA NORTHWEST Cabernet Franc, Two Blondes Vineyard 'Block 8' 2015
ADEGA NORTHWEST Cabernet Sauvignon, Two Blondes Vineyard 'Block 7' 2015
ADEGA NORTHWEST Cabernet Sauvignon, Weinbau Vineyard 'Block 10' 2015
ADEGA NORTHWEST Syrah, Firethorn Vineyard 'Lookout Block' 2015
ADGA NORTHWEST Cabernet Sauvignon, Firethorn Vineyard 'Trillium Block' 2015
AIRFIELD ESTATES Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley 'Reserve' 2015
AIRFIELD ESTATES Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley 2016
AIRFIELD ESTATES Merlot, Columbia Valley 'Reserve' 2014
AIRFIELD ESTATES Merlot, Columbia Valley 2014
AIRFIELD ESTATES Red Wine 'Bombshell Red' 2016
AIRFIELD ESTATES Red Wine, Columbia Valley 2016
AIRFIELD ESTATES Syrah, Columbia Valley 2015
ALLEROMB Grenache, Columbia Valley 2015
ALLEROMB Red Wine 'Cuvée B' 2015
ALLEROMB Syrah, Columbia Valley 2015
ALLEROMB White Wine 'Le Gran Flor' 2017
AMAURICE Cabernet Sauvignon 'Reserve Owl and Crown' 2014
AMAURICE Grenache, Boushey Vineyard 2016
AMAURICE Red Wine 'The Artist' 2014
AMAURICE Red Wine 'The Artist' 2015
AMAURICE Syrah, Boushey Vineyard 2015
AMAURICE Viognier 'Sparrow' 2017
AMAURICE White Wine, Boushey Vineyard 2017
AMAVI Cabernet Sauvignon, Walla Walla Valley 2015
AMAVI CELLARS Rosé, Columbia Valley 2017
AMAVI CELLARS Semillon, Columbia Valley 2017
AMAVI Rosé, Columbia Valley 2016
AMAVI Syrah, Les Collines Vineyard 2015
AMAVI Syrah, Walla Walla Valley 2015
AMBASSADOR Cabernet Sauvignon 'Plenipotentiary' 2015
AMBASSADOR Grenache 'Estate' 2015
AMBASSADOR Malbec 'Estate' 2015
AMBASSADOR Merlot 'Estate' 2015
AMBASSADOR Petit Verdot 'Estate' 2015
AMBASSADOR Red Wine 'Diplomat' 2015
AMBASSADOR Red Wine 'Envoy' 2015
AMBASSADOR Rosé, Columbia Valley 2017
ANDREW JANUIK Cabernet Sauvignon 'Stone Cairn' 2015
ANDREW JANUIK Red Wine 'Los Molinos' 2016
ANDREW JANUIK Syrah 'Los Molinos' 2015
ANDREW RICH Red Wine, Columbia Valley 2014
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