The best way to save leftover wine

So, you are in the mood to unwind and pop that bottle after a long day. However, you are having second thoughts because don’t want to open an entire bottle just for a glass or two and have the rest go to waste. So what’s the best way to preserve the wine? Well there are a few out there, and we have tested 4 of the most common.

For our experiment we purchased 6 bottles of the same wine and tried 4 different methods of preserving them, storing them all in a standard household refrigerator for 3 days. The 5th bottle was simply left open. After 3 days, we opened the 6th bottle and compared all the wines to the just opened bottle.



How it works: By replacing the cork you prevent air from re-entering the bottle.

Result: This was slightly fresher than the bottle left completely open, but the difference was minimal.

Vacuum Pumps

How it works: These devices normally will run between $10 and $30. They are designed to pump the air out of the bottle to reduce oxidation.

Result: There was virtually no difference between this and the bottle that was just re-corked. Although some people say they see a difference, we recommend investing your money elsewhere.

Gas Systems

How it works: This system uses 100% non-toxic, inert gas (Argon, CO2 and Nitrogen) to remove all of the oxygen from your opened bottle. Since the gas is heavier than air, it settles below the air pushing the air out of the bottle occupying the left over space in the bottle.

Result: There was a noticeable difference here. The wine seemed to have held to gether and was much fresher. So far this was closest to the bottle that was just opened.

Transfer to a Smaller Bottle

How it works: Simply transfer your wine from the standard 750ml bottle to a 375ml bottle or even any 16oz. glass bottle with a screw top will do the trick. Fill the bottle ALL the way to the top and seal it by placing the cork back in or screwing the cap back on.

Result: Believe it or not, this seemed to work the best, or at least as good as the gas system, and it’s free!

So there you have it. Go ahead an open that bottle and give these methods a shot yourself…but really, the best way to preserve wine is to just finish it!


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