Submitting a Sample / Our Policy

The majority of wines we review are either specifically requested by our editorial team, and supplied to us by importers/distributors/wineries, or purchased at retail. If you are interested in submitting a sample of your wine please click below to fill out the contact form.

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Our Policy
We will not review any wines with unfinished/altered labels any wine with submitted with a unfinished/altered label will not be published for review. All samples must have U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB)-approved front and back labels on them.

On average, wines submitted for review will be tasted and published online in 1-3 months. However, not all wines submitted will make publication. It is not in our interest to publish negative reviews. 

Unsolicited samples
We cannot guarantee that wines which are sent without prior notification will be be tasted/published.

What we request
We strongly request each submission to include of two bottles of each wine and a current vintage specific technical sheet. If only one sample submission is submitted and the wine is considered flawed the review will not be published.

We cannot return bottles submitted as tasting samples.

If you have further questions on submitting a sample please click here to contact us.


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