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Champagne Taittinger is recognized as one of the most iconic and celebrated houses in Champagne. They are also one of the few remaining that are still family owned and operated. Today, the Taittinger estate is one of the three most extensive in the Champagne district, consisting of approximately 752-acres of vines in an astonishing 34 different vineyards. The vast empire is run by President, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger and Export Manager, Clovis Taittinger, along with Vitalie Taittinger and winemaker Alexandre Ponnavoy. Together, this dynamic family is running one of the most prestigious houses in all of Champagne, and continues to carry on the traditions set forth by generations for producing these word-class wines.


Vintage Wine Name Color Rating
NV TAITTINGER Champagne, Brut Rosé 'Prestige wine 90
NV TAITTINGER Champagne, Brut 'Prélude Grands Crus' wine 92
NV TAITTINGER Champagne, Brut 'La Française' wine 91
2013 TAITTINGER Champagne Brut Millésimé wine 93
2007 TAITTINGER Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs wine 96
2006 TAITTINGER Comtes de Champagne Rosé wine 96


Export Manager, Taittinger

Clovis TaittingerQ: What was it like growing up as a Taittinger? When did you first remember being interested in Champagne and the family busines?
A: Growing up, we had a perfectly normal education and childhood. Although my father was working at Taittinger during our childhood, we were not too involved, and in general watched the family business, particularly the wine side, from a distance. We have always been interested and concerned about Champagne Taittinger, but it was not until later in life when we became more involved and invested.

Q: What do you like most about working in the family business, which also happens to be one of the most recognized names in Champagne around the globe?
A: I am extremely proud to represent our family, our brand, our history and our wines. My ultimate intention, and greatest pleasure, is to bring my own contribution to the brand’s expansion and further strengthen the company. Our focus every day is to make great wine, create new stories, and develop even deeper emotion and connectivity between our family, our brand, our partners and our clients.

Q: You have a background in Business and Real Estate. How does that translate to help improve Taittinger as a global Champagne brand?
A: I do believe that you can learn from every experience in life and many different models work for all kind of businesses. I take a very straightforward approach, and my top concern is to build solidly. Like building a house with good materials, we are building champagne on a very genuine, solid foundation: love for the product and its culture, love for the teams, and love for the customers and fans. 

Q: What kinds of challenges come with introducing your Champagne brand to many new countries and markets across the globe? 
A: Whether you are entering a new country or working in a country where your brand is already very established, most of the challenges that you face are the same. You need to adapt yourself to a different culture, different legal and social environments and different teams. Once the basics are set up well, then it is our lifelong work to create a Taittinger “family” in every country: a Taittinger tribe of fans, friends, clients who will always be your brand advocates.  

Q: Are there any emerging regions producing sparkling wines that you believe pose a new rival to Champagne as far its prestige or quality? 
A: I do not see other sparkling wines and other sparkling wine regions as competitors whatsoever. I think that each wine region and each wine has its own identity, culture, and quality level that are of interest. Most of the time, wines are produced by caring people and when you put love into what you do, it is already a good thing. After that, it is a matter of taste and culture, and I prefer to allow everyone to have their own experiences to taste, to think, and to form their own opinions.

Q: Are there any new trends that you see developing with with Champagne in the global market? 
A: From a business point of view, not any noticeable one. From a quality point of view, I do observe a wonderful increase in the quality of the wines over the last 10 to 20 decades

Q: I just recently had the opportunity to taste a 1990 vintage of Comtes and it was absolutely magical. Do you have any all-time favorite vintage of Comtes de Champagne? 
A: As a good salesman, I always prefer the vintage we are currently selling! More seriously, we are working hard to make world class wines and to build a world class brand. Our mission is to repeat excellence and consistency, bottle by bottle, and vintage by vintage. Therefore, I tend to find great coherence and pleasure in each Comtes de Champagne year.

Q: When you are not enjoying your Taittinger wines, what are some of your favorite wines of the world? 
A: I am very open-minded and approach things with simplicity and sincerity. I often like the wines made by people who I like, wherever they come from and whatever their price or style. I am quite eclectic.


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